Deer Tail Creek Impairment Assessment - NOR14_10


Deer Tail Creek in Rusk Co. is impacted by both non-point and point sources. A summer redhorse kill was observed in 2007. Fisheries staff noted a manure odor to the water, dead mussels, and a high incidence of fish tumors/lesions in 2008. The assessment will look for changes in macroinvertebrate and mussel populations at multiple sites and identify any other observable impacts. Notable non-point sources along the segment of concern will be identified and mapped. Potential impacts below point sources will also be assessed.


Fish and mussel mortality has been observed in Deer Tail Creek. This project will evaluate these and any other observable impacts and identify likely problem sources. This will allow management efforts to be directed at the problem sources.


A report will be written and entered in SWIMS. Appropriate corrective actions will be pursued.

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