Proposed NOR St. Croix Basin Water Resources Planning Team Coordinator funding


Provide funding for Wisconsin's share of the St. Croix Basin Water Resources Planning Team coordinator contract, printing costs for the Team's bi-annual planning status report, and funding for coordination of the annual Protecting the St. Croix Conference. .


Allocating funding for the Basin Team coordinator, report, and annual conference will help with development and implementation of the St. Croix Basin TMDL in both states. The Team coordinator role keeps communication and planning moving for meeting the nutrient reduction goal and keeping all agencies informed on strategies and progress. The conference and bi-annual report are the main information and education materials used to confer these messages to our partners, stakeholders, and the public. Wisconsin DNR signed a Nutrient Reduction Agreement (at the Secretary's level) with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in 2006. The agreement pledges our agency to working with the Planning Team to reduce nutrient inputs to the St. Croix Basin by 20% by 2020. Part of the agreement calls for both agencies to seek out and provide funding to meet this goal, and support the functioning of the Basin Team.


Wisconsin helps provide financial support to the Basin Team to achieve the Nutrient Reduction Agreement action items in Year 1 and Year 2 of the biennium. Project goals include WDNR participation at Team meetings, successful organization of the annual conference, development and implementation of the Basin-wide TMDL in both states, and publication of the planning status report (due in late 2009 or early 2010).

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