Proposed NOR NR104 Stream Classification Review for St. Croix Basin


We want to establish a central file for our stream classification records. Past records are in various offices after water resources staff were decentralized from Spooner. We need to compile copies for all streams (that receive wastewater effluent discharges) in the St. Croix Basin NOR Counties and Barron County.


Provide access to up-to-date stream classification information and records to all staff needing them for reference. Provide ready reference to these records for review in advance of WPDES permit reissuance. Determine where updated information is needing that may require field work and reporting in upcoming years.


The most recent classification report will be scanned and loaded into SWIMS (if possible), a paper file record will be kept in Water Resources Biologist's office, and DVDs of scanned reports will be shared with the Permit Drafters and Basin Supervisor. A schedule will be developed for future classification reviews and field work where needed.

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Compile all stream classification records in St. Croix Basin and Barron County.