Proposed NOR St Croix Basin reference stream monitoring & Conservation Biology


To document what the existing biological integrity is within the aquatic macroinvertebrate community structure within the St Croix, Namekagon, and Totagatic Rivers. This monitoring efforts seeks to document the most sensitive or intolerant species of organisms occuring within these systems by targeting early emerging species that have adopted life cycle strategies to avoid normal summer stressors related diurnal D.O. and temperature as well as sediment laden runoff events. Sampling will occur between March 15th and April 15th dependent upon degree day accumulations and ice cover and snow melt (as soon as sampling is possible!).


Document the diveristy and abundence of early season fauna not captured during normal HBI sampling windows. This monitoring is critical to understanding the full biological integrity of the system allowing proper managment in accordence with the Clean Water Act.


Establish an important baseline of information on these regionally and nationally important river systems. This data can also be used to document future impacts and provide important goals for maintaining biological integrity.

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