East Alaska Impaired Waters: FY10 Lake-Continuation [NER_06_11]


East Alaska Lake is currently listed as impaired because of contaminated fish tissue. Major watershed modifications have been installed which has significantly decreased external phosphorus loading to the lake. In 2009, water quality sampling and an aquatic plant survey was completed on East Alaska Lake. This project would be a continuation of the water quality monitoring effort. These data are needed to assess the existing condition of the lake and determine 1). if East Alaska Lake should be added to the 303(d) list in 2012 for additional impairments, and 2). how significant the internal phosphorus loading is to the lake and if an alum treatment is recommended to reduce summer algae blooms.


Mary Gansberg will collect water quality (Carlson trophic status) data on East Alaska Lake to determine the existing status of the lake and help assess the need for restoration efforts. Water chemistry samples will be collected at two locations (deep hole and shallow hole) and at two depths (top 2 meters and just off the bottom). Dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles will be collected at two locations during each sampling event. In addition, zebra mussel veligers and spiny water flea sampling will be done during July and August.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Number of sample sites associated with the project. 2) Number of sampling events associated with project. 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete. 9/30/2010 4) Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database. 6/30/2011 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete.6/30/2011

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TMDL/303d Projects
Determine Pollutants or Impairments
Reports and Documents
This year-end report summarizes the water quality data collected to date and summarizes the success of the alum treatment. This report is associated with the lake protection grant LPT-441-12.
LPL-1405-11. East Alaska Lake, WBIC 94200. Alum Treatment Plan. Actual treatment done with Lake Protection grant LPT-441-12
LPL-1405-11. East Alaska Lake, WBIC 94200, Lake Management Plan Addendum
Activities & Recommendations
Monitor or Propose 303(d) Listing
WBIC 94200, East Alaska Lake Kewaunee County