Citizen based stream monitoring support for Milwaukee Riverkeeper's expanding program SER 5_11


Equipment support for Milwaukee Riverkeepers' Citizen Based Stream Monitoring Program that is expanding throughout the Milwaukee River Basin.


Milwaukee Riverkeeper's program is expanding. They are working to establish a basin wide network of citizen monitors to collect information in a useable format. The network has over 70 level I and level II monitors at over 60 sites. They are in need of more level II equipment to provide to groups of volunteers wanting to move from level I to level II monitoring.


We were able to purchase 2 sets of level 2 monitoring equipment and 13 thermisters. Data summary information can be found at:

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We are interested in using both general and site-specific data collected by Ciitizen based stream monitors to evaluate trends throughout the Milwaukee River Basin. Milwaukee Riverkeeper is expanding into the upper watersheds of the basin and needs equipment to lend groups of monitors to share.