Proposed NOR Shell Lake permit required invertebrate monitoring assistance and partnershipping


Project Description: A general description of the ¿who, what, when, where and how¿ for the project. St Croix Basin Biologist and tech will assist the City of Shell Lake's contractor (St Croix Tribal biologist Tony Havranek) to collect littoral invert samples in north and south basins. We will also collect a deep benthic grab sample using an eckman grab sampler from pelagic areas. a vertical tow plankton net will also be conducted to characterize suspended invertebrates in the pelagic zone.


Project Justification: Why is the project necessary and what management question is to be addressed? This monitoring was a requirement of a contested court case to appease concerns from local citizens that diversion of water would not harm or change the ecology of Shell Lake


Activity Code: List the activity code that seems to best represent the type of project being proposed. This monitoring is an effort to document current community structure and biological integrity in accordence with permit requirements.

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