St. Croix Basin-wide TMDL development and implementation


Lake St. Croix has been listed in 2008 as a Minnesota impaired water for eutrophication due to phosphorus loading. It is proposed for 2008 listing in Wisconsin. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has $100,000 in funding for TMDL development, and will hire a contractor carry out the project in both states. Our staff are needed to particpate in the stakeholder process, review all documents produced related to our subwatersheds and facilities, and implement the reduction goals identified.


The project objective is to fairly determine the loadings coming from all point sources and subwatersheds in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and develop and implement fair reduction goals for all contributors.


WTTM-02 and WTST-02 The outcome is protection of the St. Croix Basin and its lakes and tributaries from further degradation due to nutrient loadings in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Another outcome is to reverse the trend toward eutrophication in Lake St. Croix and eventually remove it from the impaired list.

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