Proposed NOR Yellow River Mussel Survey


DNR research performed a mussel survey on the Yellow River in August 2003 (before the City of Shell Lake diverted lake water to the river control lake levels). The survey was done above and below the diversion outlet. This provided excellent pre-diversion data. This study should be repeated to gather trend data and see if any changes have occurred.


With mussels susceptible to environmental change, we would like to repeat the study to document post-diversion conditions. It will also provide good data between diversions, in case the system is operated again in the future. The questions to be answered are: do we still have a similar, viable population of mussels in the Yellow River near Spooner (downstream of the Hatchery Dam); do we notice any changes in the number of species and individuals; do our results raise any concerns over the diversion of lake water to the river from November 2003 to July 2005.


Answers to the 3 questions above, if discernable from survey results.

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Collect, identify and release mussels at two or three sampling points on the Yellow River downstream of Spooner, above and below the Shell Lake water diversion outlet. WBIC = 2670300