WCR Groundwater Phosphorus Levels - WC03_10


Project Description: WCR staff has dcomented very high total phosphorus concentrations in baseflow samples from streams throughout the Region. Recent synoptic winter baseflow samples found total phosphorus concentrations in excess of 200 ug/L in several streams. Sampling during winter baseflow should provide an indication of groundwater contribution, however several streams in the Tremplealeau River Watershed also had high suspended solids concentrations while another stream in Chippewa County had high TP concentrations with no suspended solids. The purpose of this study is to identifiy groundwater upwelling areas in selected reference streams (minimal ag landuse) using mini piezometers and collect groundwater and surface water samples to determine groundwater phorsphorus contributions to these streams. Analysis of the data will include determining if a correlation exists between groundwater TP concentation and surface water dissolve phosphorus concentation, especially during winter baseflow sampling. The data will also be useful in determining the use attainability of streams with high groundwater phosphorus contributions and the proposed surface water criteria. The sampling will be completed in summer and fall.


Project Justification: In order to implement the proposed phosphorus critera, the Department will need to determine achievability of meeting the criteria for areas in the state. NonLTT monitoring has demonstrated that total phosphorus in many streams and watersheds are subtantially higher than the proposed criteria. WCR used this information to target additonal monitoring in the Trempealeau River Watershed and found very high concentrations in relatively protected watersheds (Based on Current Landuse). If the source of high phosphorus to these streams is from groundwater (natural or uncontrollable human induced), use attainability analysis (UAA) may need to be developed for such streams.


Activity Code: Use Attainability Analysis

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