Proposed WCR Twin Lakes TMDL Monitoring


Twin Lakes are a pair of shallow, seepage water bodies (about 168 acres in size) located southwest of the Village of Roberts in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. The Village discharges treated wastewater to East Twin Lake. Both water bodies suffer from severe summer algae blooms and winterkill due to dissolved oxygen (D.O.) depletion and both are on the 303d impaired waters list. The purpose of this study is to conduct monitoring needed to develop a TMDL for the lakes.


Since Twin Lakes are on the 303d list we are ultimately required to develop a TMDL. A court order handed down by an administraive law judge in 2007 stipulates that DNR seek funding through special projects for a TMDL monitoring project for Twin Lakes during FY10. The purpose of this project is to begin monitoring to develop a TMDL.


The outcome of this project is completion of one year of monitoring toward development of a TMDL for Twin Lakes. Depending on monitoring results, an additional year of monitoring may be needed. The activity code for this monitoring is WTTM.

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