Proposed SER Eagle Lake Planktonic Community Assessement Continuation


Continue planktonic community assessment of Eagle Lake to document planktonic response to bio-manipulation. Samples from three different locations on the lake will be taken on a bi-weekly basis, July - August, 2009 and April - June, 2010. Phytoplankton communities will be analyzed by Dawn Perkins of the SLOH, and zooplankton communities will be analyzed by Paul Garrison of WDNR. Identification will be to species level where possible, and in the case of zooplankton, include length.


Project Justification: In the fall of 2008, Eagle Lake, in Racine County, was treated with the piscicide rotenone in an effort to control an overabundance of panfish. Zooplankton predation by these panfish likely contributed to poor water clarity. Post-rotenone, the fisheries community of the lake will be managed to maximize zooplankton populations, and maintain clear water conditions. Sampling of plankton under special project SER 04_09 was conducted prior to treatment, and will be conducted this spring. This sampling project is proposed in order to expand the data set. Specifically, the late summer plankton community of 2009 and the spring community of 2010 will be assessed. (An additional project will be put forward for FY 2011 so that the late summer plankton community for 2010 is sampled.) The research questions to be answered by this study include the following: 1) Abundance and size structure of zooplankton and phytoplankton in the traditionally "clear water" phase time of year (mid-April through June). 2) How the macrophytic response of the lake compares to the plankton assemblage during the clear water phase. 3) Evaluation of the success of the biomanipulation in mid to late summer, based on the abundance, size structure and species of zooplankton in the lake. 4) Assessing the balance between phytoplankton and blue green algae in mid to late summer as a result of the restoration project.


Activity Code: WTSI

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