Spring Creek Biological Community Assessment SER2_10


a fish community assessment will be conducted at three sampling sites on Spring Creek, and one reference site. A macroinvertebrate kick sample will be collected from each sampling site and the reference site. Quantitative habitat assessments will be conducted at each sampling site. Instantaneous water temperature, DO, pH, Conductivity, transparency tube, and flow will be collected twice at each sampling site.


Spring Creek is a 303(d) listed, non-point source dominated stream in Waukesha County. It is on the Federal Impaired Waters list due to dissolved oxygen problems as a result of elevated Phosphorus. Data to support this listing is outdated/absent, so assessing the biological community of Spring Creek, and comparing those communities with those of a reference site, will serve to validate the stream's 303(d) listing. This information will be provided to Fox Basin Storm Water Staff, who are in the process of drafting a Municipal Storm Water Permit for the Village of Sussex (the principal Non-Point Source contributer to Spring Creek).


The project outcome will be a document describing the biological community of Spring Creek, as represented by the sampled sites. The existing biological community will serve to suggest future resource management opportunities, as well as clarify the stream's 303(d) listing.

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Document describing biological community of Spring (Sussex) Creek.
Excel file with information supporting the 02/08/2013 Sussex Creek Biological Community Assessement document.
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