Neenah Slough at Neenah Outfalls CO_03_10


WT central and regional staff with assistance from RR staff. Sediment and water sampling at neenah slough (303d listed for metals and pcb sediment impairments) stormwater outfalls to identify source of heavy metals comtamination. when: Sampling to take place in July. where: two stormwater outfalls identified by City of Neenah as possibly having same source of contaminants. how: follow Dept. protocols for water and sediment sampling


Project is neccessary to definitively identify source of toxic metals contamination in the sediments, soil and surface waters at Neenah Slough adjacent to these outfalls. Project will most likely result in identification of RP, and will allow RR program to enforce cleanup. $3,300


Outcome: Identification of RP, leading to remediation of site and eventually removing Neenah Slough from federal list of impaired waters.

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