Proposed CO Menominee River Harbor; South Channel sediment sampling


Sediment sampling in the south channel of the Menominee River AOC harbor. Sampling for NR347 suite of inorg. and org. contaminants at 8 locations in channel at multiple (up to 3) sediment depths. Sampling will be conducted by Galarneau, Killian, Reyburn, and other regional staff.


Channel feeds into Menekaunee Harbor at seasonal high flows, and is adjacent to identified Ansul arsenic sediment site. Objective is to determine if channel is the source/pathway for the elevated contaminant levels found in Menekaunee Harbor, and to potentially expand the Impact Area of to be addressed by EPA's enforcement of Ansul's remediation of the contaminated sediments.


Outcome: samples will reveal toxicity risks in the south channel of the Menominee River harbor, and may indicate increased area of arsenic-impacted sediments from Ansul Chemical.

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