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This project is needed to bridge a funding gap from a River Protection grant (RP-206-11) for the months of May and June 2010. CBSM has extra funds for the end of FY 10 (lab account WT106) that can be used. The USGS has started some new monitoring with the City of Middleton on the South Fork of Pheasant Branch and the North Fork of Pheasant Branch. This is in addition to the long-term monitoring being done on Pheasant Branch at Hwy 12 (otherwise designated as at "Middleton" by the USGS) that we have been running P on for many years. The Hwy 12 site is downstream of the confluence of the two stream branches (note that "Creek" is redundant to "Branch" and thus is not used in the stream name). Thus, each stream branch enters the detention pond prior to the stream leaving the pond and reaching Hwy 12 where the long-term monitoring has been done.


Project Justification: 2 sets of water quality grab samples at 4 locations in and near the Dane County unit of Pheasant Branch Conservancy will be collected and sent to SLOH for analysis for total Kjeldahl nitrogen, NO3-NO2 N, total P, and total suspended solids. A total of 8 samples will be taken.


Assess effectiveness of new conservation practices that have been installed on the Acker dairy farm property in the fall of 2009 and sediment traps installed in the Conservancy and dredged out in 2009. Compare results with water quality monitoring done in 2003-2006 (funded by 2 earlier River Grants) to evaluate the effectiveness of the sediment traps. Samples would be collected by Herb Garn and volunteers that he trains to evaluate effectiveness of conservation measures. Samples were collected and analyzed. Herb Garn wrote a report describing the results of the entire project, dated December 2012, entitled "Water Quality of Agricultural Runoff in an Ephemeral Tributary to Pheasant Branch Marsh and Lake Mendota, 2003-06 and 2010-12, Dane County, Wisconsin."

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evaluate effectiveness of sediment traps on upstream agricultural BMPs on a tributary to Pheasant Branch Creek