Statewide Blue Green Algae Toxins 2010-2011


This project supports the issue of Blue Green Algae Toxins in Wisconsin Waters. We currently lack information about the frequency and spatial extent of toxic blue-green algae blooms and conditions that lead to the production of toxins. In addition the Department of Health Services (DHS) has obtained a 5 year grant to gather information and document illnesses and deaths of animals and humans into a CDC database. There is 4/3 years remaining on their grant. This project would support their activities and allow our field staff to 1 to 4 target lake samples in their region that have a history of blue green blooms, so we can learn more about when toxins exist at levels that may impact people and/or animals, before or as these incidents occur.


1. Analyze up to 30 - 120 water samples around the state in response to reports of potential toxic algae blooms on undocumented waters for the presence of Blue Green Algae species and subsequent toxin anlaysis if warrented with a rapid assessment tool. The screening lab analysis will be conducted by a seasonal LTE Staff Member or Field Staff and the toxin samples taken and sent to the State Lab based on an approve of DHS. 2. Hold and distribute as needed DHS test kits for Blue Green Algae incidents of animals or human suspected exposure. 3. Purchase 6 sets of Field Tests and 6 standards kits for Microcystin LR Toxins one for each DNR Region and one for the central office for evaluation of usefulness as a rapid assessment tool.


Implement a program to enhance the DNR staff's knowledge of when toxins exist, relative to other field measurements of water quality. This will help improve our prediction of when toxins may exist in the lakes. Document of up to 5 - 30 new lakes statewide for the presence/absence of Blue Green Algae species with toxins. Assist the Department of Health Services with their project to track and document Illnesses and deaths of animals and humans due to exposure to algae toxins. Submit statewide end of year monitoring data to SWIMS and report on Blue Green Algae toxin kits evaluation and lake studies to supervisors and Bureau Staff.

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A summary of data for: 1. occurrence of HAB taxa in 2010 samples; 2. algal cell densities in 2010 HAB samples and associated detected toxins; 3. complete toxin results for 2010 samples; 4. all HAB sample data summarized in one worksheet.
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Lakes with Blue Green Blooms will be sampled with Test Kits and based on DHS appoval or Toxins found in a field test will be collected and sent to the State Lab for Analysis