Proposed SCR Determination of PCB contamination downstream of Hayton Millpond


Through this project, three deposition areas along the south Branch of the Manitowoc River within the Killsnake Wildlife Area from those previously identified in the field will be selected to determine whether PCBs of significant concentration are present. Three samples at three depths will be collected from each of the selected deposition areas; totalling 27 samples. Sample depths will be determined in the field based on visual inspection of the soil profile. Sample collection will take place in the fall of 2009 by Bureau staff.


TRC, acting on behalf of Tecumseh Products Company, under a consent agreement is under taking contaminated sediment removal along Pine Creek and in 2010 will likely conduct removal in Hayton Millpond. The consent agreement covers the area from the release storm sewer in New Holstein downstream to the Hayton Millpond Dam. However, all the scientific analysis indicates that PCB laden sediment has been transported through Pine Creek, through Hayton Millpond and over the dam. Readily identifible deposition areas downstream from the millpond have not been sampled. While this amount of sampling is not sufficient to identify the extent of PCB deposition, it is aimed at determining whether PCBs are present. If they are present, the consent agreement can be re-opened to require further investigation and removal downstream. If PCBs are not present, the Department will be in the position to provide TRC with a release from further action.



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