Silver Spring Creek Channel and Sediment Stability Assessment - SCR 10_11 (USGS # BQY36)


Silver Spring Creek is a potential cold water fishery in Lafayette County that is currently on the 303(d) list as a result of habitat degradation due to sediment. An assessment of erosion and sedimentation is needed, as well as establishment of baseline channel and sediment conditions. Using methods similar to the Kittleson Valley buffers initiative project, the USGS, WDNR, and county will cross section surveying and pebble counts at 3 sites on Silver Spring Creek. This complements the channel assessment and habitat evaluation done in cooperation with the DNR and UW-Madison. To date, 5 sites have been surveyed twice in the Pleasant Valley watershed (2008 and 2009) and rapid channel assessments have been done at about 30 sites each in the Pleasant Valley and Smith-Conley subwatersheds.The rapid assessment includes detailed measurements of eroding banks and soft fine-grained sediment deposits.


Collect stream morphological data in order to determine the effects of TMDL implementation in a small subwatershed. This project will help determine the stream's response to sediment loads before, during, and after implementation of BMPs designed to reduce sediment loss from fields.


1) Cross sections with permanent endpoints 2) Excel spreadsheet of cross sections, pebble counts, longitudinal profiles, and rapid geomorphic assessment results, estimates of bank erosion, historical overbank sediment, and in-channel fine sediment. 3) PowerPoint presentation updates at partnership meetings and possibly a regional conference. We will gain empirical data that will link our biological and habitat measurements with long-term physical measurements. All data will be made available on WATERS.

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Silver Spring Creek Channel and Sediment Stability Assessment
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