FLORENCE COUNTY: Florence County Invasive Species Management Program


Florence Co. is sponsoring a grant to focus on expanding its AIS program, provide public education, prevent additional AIS introductions, & plan for long term lake & river management. Project activities include: 1) Conduct monthly CB/CW workshops/trainings, recruit volunteers, implement CB/CW & AIS monitoring programs; 2) Hire Invasive Species Program Manager & CB/CW Program Coordinator; 3) Entry of Forms 3200-120 (inspection) & 3200-124 and/or 3200-130 (monitoring) onto Dept website; 4) Collect water quality samples & conduct AIS monitoring on 50 lakes/year; 5) Disseminate AIS information at landings, public areas & events, resorts, businesses, school districts; 6) Create electronic AIS mailing list; 7) Map AIS populations & make available on county GIS website with information links; 8) Develop a healthy shoreland living packet; 9) Form a cooperative weed management area (CWMA); 10) Raise Galerucella beetles for Purple Loosestrife control; 11) Host water protection, annual CLMN, & grant workshops & annual public input forums; 12) Publish AIS articles; 13) Construct 2 AIS informational kiosks/year at public landings; 14) Initiate AIS ordinances; 15) Send 3 staff/year to WAL Lakes Convention; 16) Develop AIS strategic plan. Project deliverables include: 1) Hired AIS & CB/CW coordinators including position descriptions; 2) IS mapping of AIS; 3) Completed entry of Forms 3200-120 & 3200-124/3200-130 on dept website; 4) Water quality/AIS monitoring results; 5) Assembled AIS information: news articles/releases, shoreland packets, electronic mailing lists; 6) Workshops & public meetings; 7) Underwater camera & computer; 8) Formation of a CWMA; 9) Installation of kiosks including photos; 10) Staff attendance at WAL Lakes Convention; 11) AIS ordinances; 12) Annual updates & a final report; 13) AIS strategic plan. Specific project conditions: Final report including information listed as deliverables above, needs Dept review & approval.

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