Water Quality, Basin, and Watershed Plans


Project to track WQ Planning statewide, including basin plans, watershed plans, WQM Plans, TWA/WQ Plans

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Water Quality Planning
AWQMP Program
CWA_WQ Plans
Reports and Documents
Revised version to reflect reduction in state funds for 2013.
Data Documentation Form for Lake Wisconsin 2010 303(d) listing
Phosphorus and Dissolved Oxygen data
Dissolved Oxygen download from SWIMS
Phosphorus and Chlorophyll a data at upstream and downstream sites from Lake Wisconsin
data from Deep Hole at Lake Wisconsin
Phosphorus and Chlorophyll a data
Letter recommending management for low Dissolved Oxygen at hydropower project
WQ Planning Tracking File
WQ Planning 2008 Procedures
photo showing algae bloom on Moon Bay, off Lake Wisconsin
Letter regarding management for low dissolved oxygen at dam
DO data from WE Energy