FOX WOLF WATERSHED ALLIANCE: LMI - Winnebago Waterways Recovery - Kickstart for Implementation


The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance is sponsoring a project to implement recommendations from the Winnebago Waterways Lake Management Plan to kick-start recovery and establish regional programs to increase likelihood of implementation success. This includes installation of shoreline BMPs, WQ monitoring, facilitating implementation across multiple jurisdictions, and building community support Project deliverables include: 1) Facilitated coordination for advancing water quality and habitat management of the system; 2) Implement management plan; 3) Provide education about lake issues to the public; 4) Collect project information from regional partners; 5) Track implementation of load reduction activities to evaluate progress toward meeting water quality targets; 6) Communicate water quality conditions and progress made toward water quality targets. Special conditions: Grantee agrees to conduct semi-annual grant performance reviews and submit performance reports to the department.The project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps, and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lake Biologist. It is recommended that Grantee provide DNR Lake Coordinator with a draft for comment on report adequacy prior to making final payment to the consultant. DNR to receive both paper and electronic .pdf copies of the final report.

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