UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - OSHKOSH: PREV - Vilas County Boat Decontamination Program


Project Scope and Description of Deliverables UW Oshkosh Environmental Research and Innovation Center is sponsoring a project to operate and maintain a mobile boat decontamination station with the following goals: To slow the spread of aquatic invasive species in Vilas county, in particular spiny water fleas. Project deliverables include: 1. Proof of training class for operators. 2. CBWC entered into SWIMS. 3. Reporting on success of fundraising. 4. Decontamination survey results. 5. Final report enumerating launch locations and number of boats served at each. Specific project conditions: 1. Boater survey needs department review and approval before administering. 2. Final report needs Dept review and approval. 3. DNR will be provided electronic copies of boater survey and final report.

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