TOWN OF PLUM LAKE: PREV - Boat Landing Monitoring Devices - Irving, Razorback & Laura


The Town of Plum Lake is sponsoring a project to install ILIDS cameras at the boat landings (public pier) on Laura Lake, Irving Lake, and Razorback Lake in Vilas County with the following goals: Prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species into the lake, educate boaters on best practices. Project final deliverables include: 1. Purchase and installation of ILIDS cameras. 2. Written reports of activities gathered by ILIDS cameras. 3. Results shared on Town website. 4. Press releases with local media. Specific conditions for this project: 1. 200 hours of watercraft inspection time is required at each landing during the tenure of this project (being funded with 2. grant number CBCW100521). 3. Grantee must enter into a recorded land use agreement with the property owner. 4. The useful life of an ILIDS unit is 6 years.

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