CALUMET COUNTY: LMI - CalMan Lakes 9KE Plan Implementation Phase 1


Calumet County is sponsoring a project to implement the CalMan Lakes Watershed 9KE Management Plan with the following goals: 1) Reduce nutrient loading by implementing a targeted soil health strategy; 2). Reduce excessive soil loss by addressing gullies throughout the watershed; 3) Provide a local demonstration site to promote private property shoreline restoration; 4) Provide education & outreach to watershed stakeholders. Project deliverables include: Begin implementing Phase 1 with the following elements: 1) Implement residue and tillage management systems in the watershed; 2) Implement cover crops in the watershed; 3) Work with landowners on stabilizing gullies to reduce soil loss; 4) Design and install engineered conservation practices to address gully erosion into Long Lake; 5) Stabilize 175 feet of shoreline at Becker Lake Boat Launch; 6) Design and install informational signage at Becker Lake shoreline restoration project; 7) Educate agricultural landowners, producers and crop advisors about the plan and recommendations through one-on-one discussions; 8) Hold a Field Day/Open House designed to inform other producers and stakeholders of the farm conservation going on in the watershed; 9) Hold annual outreach gatherings targeting producers and crop advisors to share successes and lessons learned; 10) Create a signage program to promote the conservation practices implemented; 11). Develop a final report that includes a summary of Phase 1, modeled P reductions, lessons learned, and further reductions needed to meet interim 9KE goals and recommendations for future phases. Specific project conditions: WDNR will be provided a copy of the recorded contract between grantee and property owner. Contracts will be approved by WDNR before signed and recorded and include an operation and maintenance plan.

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