TOWN OF FARMINGTON: Public Outreach & Information Assessment for Flood Reduction


The Town of Farmington (Jefferson Co.) is sponsoring a River Planning grant to provide a holistic assessment, summarizing existing storm water management, landowner use, drainage, and flood plan information for the project area. A final result will be list of recommended activities to ecologically address hydrology and drainage within the project area. Specific Project Activities Include: 1) Summarize the existing studies and data referencing surface water of the project area and surrounding vicinity. 2) Perform research on existing management plans for the project area, identify stakeholders. 3) Conduct outreach with adjacent landowners in the project area 4) Utilizing the existing Rock River Basin Restorable Wetland Viewer (RWV), perform a desktop exercise to determine actually restorable wetlands (ARVs) and follow up with and interview of landowners to gauge interest. Identify NHI species, culturally significant features, drain tiles, wetland/waterway presence, any known AIS information, adjacent property use. Identify potential hurdles/regulatory restrictions to wetland restoration. 5) Summarize findings in an Alternatives Analysis and Recommendation plan. Project deliverables include: 1) A compiled pdf, with word document and excel table summarizing existing studies and data associated with the above activity. Additional documents or information may be included: Final reports and management plans, maps, photos, miscellaneous, surveys, meetings / workshops, or other. 2) A compiled pdf, with a word document and excel table summarizing the results of research on existing management plans and ID of stakeholders. 3) The collected interview questions and responses will be compiled. A summary of individuals present during the field visit will provided. The responses to these questions will influence recommendations compiled in the final summary document. Public Education and Outreach meeting jointly hosted with the Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation

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