UPPER SUGAR RIVER WATERSHED ASSOCIATION: Restoration Planning on the Sugar River


Specific project activities: The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association is taking on a River Planning Grant to leverage in-kind volunteer efforts to produce fundraising materials and 30% engineering drawings for the re-meandering of an artificially straightened section of the Sugar River and restoration of drained wetlands. This project is being completed in phases and is expected to be a 2-3-year process. Project activities include:1) create a document that describes the current condition of the straightened section of the river, which includes a monostand of vegetation and increased sediment and pollutant movement downstream, 2) conduct a site survey to assess and document current physical conditions at the project site, including characterizing existing grades for developing a hydraulic model and the design grading plan and the Hwy 51 bridge crossing structure, as well as studying the geomorphic forms and processes to understand driving forces of channel change, 3) develop a concept design, geared toward public consumption, to lay out the new channel plan form, profile, width, and identify site constraints that dictate sustainable channel geometry, 4) develop a 30% Engineering Design Plan to create a channel planform, profile, and cross section design, including a hydraulic model and assessment, 5) obtain agency permitted construction documents and specifications for the purpose of bidding and construction of meandering the Sugar River and plugging of human-made agricultural ditches, including native vegetation reestablishment and aquatic habitat improvements. Project final deliverables:A full description of the project scope and deliverables is available in the grant application, which is part of this agreement. This scope summarizes the project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports must be submitted to the Department along with, or prior to, the grantee\2019s final payment request.

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