ROCK RIVER COALITION, INC: SWE - Outreach, Data Sharing, Education Using Online Tools


The Rock River Coalition (RRC) is sponsoring a Surface Water Education grant to update a website and outreach to share data, stream monitoring and AIS resources, and raise awareness of watershed management. This project will benefit multiple counties in the Rock River basin. Specific Project Activities Include: 1) Hire a website consultant to complete the website redesign. 2) Add new information to the RRC stream monitoring map, adding new stream stations and add links of already available resources to the HUC 10 watersheds. Create links to raw watershed data on the interactive stream monitoring map. 3) Create one story map related to Jefferson County stream monitoring; create one story map related to Rock County stream monitoring. Track increased use of the website and data use through website-generated reports. Survey organizational partners for feedback on website content and measure watershed water quality commitment to action by recording data on new volunteers and new memberships by region. 4) Engage with partners and volunteers to showcase this new product throughout the Rock River Basin area using multimedia approaches, group presentations, and one-to-one interactions. Project deliverables include: 1) The website will online stakeholder engagement; provide an updated and efficient platform for educating constituents on RRC initiatives, allow access to trainings on stream monitoring and Aquatic Invasive Species, posting of professional photos from around the watershed and at volunteer events to better showcase RRC in promotional materials, social media, and the website. 2) Completed stream monitoring map with links to resources. Embed pre-designed data searches that will allow users to download data at the HUC10 level through the EPA and their Water Quality Portal database in Rock River Coalition\2019s website. 3) One completed story map related to Jefferson Co. stream monitoring and one completed story map related to Rock Co. stream monitoring.

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