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Partnering with property owners, Bone Lake Management District is sponsoring a grant to implement best practices from Wisconsin\2019s 2019 Healthy Lakes & Rivers Action Plan. Best practices, including fish sticks, 350 sq. ft. native plantings, diversions, rock infiltration, and/or rain gardens, will be designed and installed according to program fact sheets, technical guidance and the grant application. All funded best practices require contracts that must remain in place for 10 years and include the minimum operation and maintenance requirements described in the special conditions at the end of this agreement. If the landowner is the grant sponsor this Lake Protection Grant Agreement serves as the contract. If the best practice(s) will be implemented on land other than the sponsor\2019s, a contract between the sponsor and landowner describing the 10-year contract period, minimum operation and maintenance details, and data to be collected is required. The Department may perform site inspections and/or monitoring to ensure project success. Deliverables include: a project summary including data requirements, pre/post photographs, and confirmation of completed design work and landowner contracts. A Healthy Lakes & Rivers Example Report is available to assist you. Special conditions: Project management and technical assistance cash costs cannot exceed 10% of the state share of the grant award; this does not include implementation labor. Water regulation and/or county zoning permits must be issued before construction. Projects required for regulatory compliance purposes, including shoreland mitigation projects, are not eligible for reimbursement. The Healthy Lakes & Rivers logo should be used for promotion and publicity and DNR recognized as a funding source.

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