LAKE EMILY FISHING IMPROVEMENT CLUB: Lake Emily APM Plan & Curlyleaf Pondweed Survey


The Lake Emily Fishing Improvement Club will sponsor an aquatic invasive species (AIS) project for Lake Emily, Dodge County. Project goals and objectives: 1) assess the Curly-leaf pondweed population during peak coverage; 2) educate local residents on the value of a healthy aquatic plant community; 3) promote AIS awareness; 4) create an aquatic plant management plan. Deliverables identified: 1) survey to assess the extent of curly-leaf pondweed around the lake to include mapping and digital images; 2) public meeting to educate public on the ecology of shallow lakes; 3) workshops for the public to educate and train volunteers to identify and monitor AIS; 4) meetings to address issues related to the development of the final APM plan; 5) finalize and distribute APM plan update.

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AEPP-150-08Lake Emily APM Plan & Curlyleaf Pondweed Survey
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