TOMAHAWK LAKE ASSOCIATION: Lake Tomahawk EWM Hydraulic Conveyor Demonstration Project


Tomahawk Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. is sponsoring an AIS ACEI demonstration grant on Lake Tomahawk in Oneida County to be completed by December 31, 2008. The project will focus on building and using a hydraulic conveyor system that will be used to remove EWM and test the effectiveness of the system in differing substrates, water conditions and EWM densities. This project is the first year of a two year project. Project activities include: 1) Build hydraulic conveyor system; 2) Hire 2 independent contractors; 3) Remove EWM with hydraulic system following an experimental design looking at effectiveness of system in differing substrates, water conditions and EWM densities; 4) Pre and post treatment surveys; 5) Monitoring 8 times throughout season to include: secchi, GPS, weather conditions, substrate type and disturbance, density of EWM, sample of non-target species, photographs of operation and sediment plumes; 6) Volunteer AIS monitoring; 7) Newsletter article and local media coverage of project; 8)Develop project summary report. Project deliverables include: 1) Hydraulic conveyor barge; 2) Trained divers/operators of barge; 3) AIS monitoring data; 4) Sampling data (aquatic plant sampling and experimental design) and analysis; 5) Monitoring data and photographs; 6) Final report. Specific Conditions for this project: 1) Experimental design needs Dept review and approval; 2) Final report needs Dept review and approval. WDNR Lakes Management Coordinator will be provided with an electronic (pdf or word) and hard copy of final report, sampling data, monitoring data, and photographs.

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