JEFFERSON COUNTY LCD: Rome Mill Pond Aquatic Plant Survey & Plan


Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation Department will sponsor a project on Rome Pond, Jefferson County. This impoundment is a part of the Bark River watershed. Goals of this project include: 1) determine plant composition of the lake (including invasives); 2) develop a management plan; 3) educate the public and train volunteers. Final deliverables: 1) survey, sampling, and documentation of the plants and the extent of invasive plant species; 2) collect herbarium specimens and submit to the UW Madison Herbarium; 3) produce an updated bathymetry map; 4) collect monthly water clarity, temperature and dissolved oxygen measurements; 5) produce an aquatic plan management plan to include recommendations on managing the resource, as well as an implementation strategy; 6) Public meeting, press releases, educational workshop on findings & aquatic invasive species.

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