MARINETTE COUNTY: Marinette County Hydrilla Rapid Response Project Phase 1


Marinette County proposes to conduct a rapid response grant to address the Hydrilla verticillata which was confirmed to be present in a private pond located in July of 2007. This is the first known confirmation of occurrence in Wisconsin , with the known nature of the plant's invasive aggressiveness. The grant will provide an initial rapid response plan to eradicate the plant from the pond and prevent its spread to other waters. Project deliverables include investigating the site, chemical treatment of the hydrilla using Aquathol K,followed by totally dewatering the pond. The intent is to freeze the propagules of hydrilla over winter. There will be follow-up monitoring in the spring to determine success with further action to occur depending upon DATCP, DNR and County observations and decisions of final activities to take place. The next steps have not been decided pending spring of 2008 observations.

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MARINETTE COUNTY: Marinette County Hydrilla Rapid Response Project Phase 1- Hydrilla verticillata
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