Characterization of Sediments in the Kinnickinnic River and Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern


Site Investigations will gather the information necessary to define the nature, degree, and extent of sediment contamination in the following areas: Kinnickinnic River and Inner Harbor; and Milwaukee Bay including the Outer Harbor, Summerfest Lagoon, Nearshore Waters, and Lakeside Power Plant. The results will be used to help identify areas that require further investigation or remedial action, and may also assist the DNR and MKE AOC stakeholders in determining the areas where no additional assessment is needed.


1) Ensure that available sediment data adequately represent current conditions and have sufficient spatial coverage to perform a feasibility study for the KK River and inner harbor. 2) Determine whether sediment contaminant concentrations within the Outer Harbor and Nearshore Waters (OHNW), Summerfest Lagoon, and Lakeside Power Plant site indicate further investigation is necessary to determine nature and extent under NR 716 Wis. Adm. Code.

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