ONEIDA COUNTY: 2020 Oneida County Stream Crossing Prioritization Project


Oneida County Land & Water Conservation Dept. (LWCD) is sponsoring a project to identify stream crossings, collect data from each crossing, identify crossings with barriers, prioritize stream crossings, and share results. The project goals: Identify stream crossings within project area, Collect field data at stream crossings, Analyze and interpret field data, and Foster cooperation, coordination, and communication amongst government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private citizens. Project deliverables include: 1. Assess and prioritize an estimated 90 stream crossings throughout 5 Towns in Western Oneida County. Photos taken at each site. Each site assessment downloaded and linked to GIS point layer (culvert layer). 2. Data collected will be tabulated and when appropriate converted into graphs or figures. This information will be shared with interested parties, included in the final report, and listed on 2.1. Stream crossings prioritized. Priority sites will be color coded on GIS culvert layer. 3. Outreach materials: Sign-in/attendance sheets. Powerpoint presentation. Photos. Evaluation forms, which will gauge if workshop successfully provided information. 3.1. Listserv created. Final report, to include 5 Town summary reports distributed to newly created 'Stream Crossing' listserv and posted on website. Documentation of website postings. Write one newspaper article. Share project to all media sources (print, radio, tv). 3.2. One video to be hosted on Oneida County's You Tube Channel. Video also to be featured on, shown at workshop (Activity 4a), and distributed to relevant parties. Special Conditions: Oneida County LWCD will work with Wisconsin DNR transportation liaison to ensure preferred assessment protocols are being used.

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