THREE LAKES WATERFRONT ASSOCIATION: Three Lakes Chain Env. Monit. and AIS Educ./Prev.


TLWA is sponsoring an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) project focusing on Eurasian Watermillfoil (EWM) education activities, surveying, monitoring, mapping, and hand-harvesting coordination in Whitefish, Virgin, Big Lakes and the Thoroughfare. This is expected to be Phase 1 or 8 with the remaining lakes in the Chain to follow in subsequent projects. The project has the following goals/activities: 1) Sample lake water quality; 2) Conduct aquatic plant point-intercept (PI) surveys (following DNR protocol), early season AIS mapping surveys, and aquatic plant community mapping; 3) Monitor purple loosestrife (PL) and yellow iris (YI) populations; 4) Update the educational information in the TLWA display at the local library; 5) Purchase and install an I-lids camera system at the Townline Lake boat landing. Project deliverables include: 1) Data from water quality monitoring, aquatic plant surveys, and PL and YI monitoring; 2) Updated educational display; 3) Installed I-Lids camera; 4) Camera monitoring results; 5) Final project report. Specific project conditions: 1) WDNR Lake Biologist is to be notified that a land use agreement with the Town has been signed before purchasing and installation of I-Lids camera; 2) 200 hours of watercraft inspection time is required during the tenure of this project. 3) WDNR Lake Biologist will be provided with an electronic copy of final I-lids report and upon request camera footage; 4) WDNR Lake Biologist will be provided with an electronic copy of reports; data from water quality, aquatic plant, and AIS monitoring and surveys; all maps and GIS data from project. If consultant is to provide final report, it is recommended that Grantee provide DNR Lake Coordinator with a draft for comment on report adequacy prior to making final payment to the consultant. DNR to receive both paper and electronic .pdf copies of the final report along with, or prior to submission of grantee's final payment request.

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