VILAS COUNTY: Vilas County 2020 AIS Strategic Plan Implementation


The Vilas County Lake and Water Conservation Department is sponsoring a project to employ a county-wide AIS coordinator with the following goals: Assist with biocontrol of purple loosestrife and Eurasian water milfoil. AIS early detection surveys. AIS boat launch signage inventory. Increased outreach to lake service providers. Boost local volunteer base for CLMN and other programs; host AIS handpulling workshops. Increase public awareness on AIS and water quality; coordinate and host AIS snapshot day. Project deliverables include: 1. Workshop attendance list, AIS meeting/event attendance, AIS outreach updates. 2. Hired Staff 3. Entry of CBCW, CLMN, AIS monitoring into SWIMS. 4. Reporting on Healthy Lakes and Directed Lakes projects. Specific project conditions: The Vilas Co. L&W Dept will provide annual reports to DNR on accomplished activities.

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