CITY OF SUN PRAIRIE: Renstone Greenway SW Pond


To cost-share design, engineering services and construction of a wet detention pond north of Batz Pond in the Renstone Greenway to assist the City in meeting the goals of the (NR 216) Municipal Storm Water Permit.


meeting the goals of the (NR 216) Municipal Storm Water Permit.


The project was completed in order to reduce total suspended solids and attached pollutants from an existing development that eventually drains into the Koshkonong Creek in order to meet the City's WPDES permit. The result of this project removes ~ 12 tons/year puting the City at 41.5% removal of total suspended solids. In addition, this project turned a mowed turf grass area into a detention facility with native grasses and wild flowers. When fully established, these plantings will provide a better habitat for wildlife and promote some infiltration.

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