Statewide Rivers LTT Data Summary WCR_10_09


The purpose of this project is to compile, check accuracy and summarize all data collected through the statewide Rivers Long Term Trend (LTT) network. The network consists of 42 sites around the state with some sites having water quality data dating back to the 1970s. However, trend analysis has never been conducted on this dataset. Once the data has been compiled and checked for accuracy, a separate project will be initiated to conduct trend analysis on the data. The Water Evaluation Section supports this effort.


To download and review all relevant water quality and flow data from 42 sites in the statewide LTT network. An LTE will be hired to search and download flow and water quality data from existing databases. This may require working with regional biologists, SLOH and USGS staff to check accuracy of flow and water quality data. Once the data has been checked for QA/QC and summarized, it will be used to determine trends in water quality.


The expected outcome of this project is a summary of all water quality data from the Rivers LTT network, in a form that will be compatible with conducting trend analysis.

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