Mill Creek SWAT Modeling (1398600) WCR_07_09


UWSP will develop a SWAT watershed model for the Mill Creek watershed located in Central Wisconsin. Mill Creek is on the state 303d list of impaired waters for excessive nutrients and DO problems. The SWAT and Snap-Plus models will be used to link land use in the watershed to water quality in the stream. The model will be developed using land use and water quality monitoring data to provide citizens and agencies necessary information to develop a TMDL


During 2001-2002 DNR staff conducted extensive water quality monitoring in the Mill Creek watershed, including continuous flow monitoring and grab water sampling consistent with DNR TMDL monitoring guidance. One remaining component to complete the TMDL is to develop a SWAT model that links land use with water quality. The purpose of this project is to contract with UWSP to develop a SWAT model for the Mill Creek watershed.


The project outcome is a functioning SWAT model for Mill Creek and a final report summarizing model setup and management scenarios. Specific details of the project will be incorporated in the contract with UWSP. Once the SWAT modelling is complete, the information will be used to complete a TMDL for Mill Creek.

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