Central Wisconsin 303d DO Stream Monitoring


WCR is seeking funds to purchase a YSI continous multiprobe sonde to monitor several 303d listed streams in the Central Wisconsin basin. Continuous monitoring, specifically dissolved oxygen (DO), would be completed on waterbodies that are on the 303d list for low DO as well as waterbodies not on the list, where low DO is suspected as an impairment. Streams that are currently listed for low DO include Mill Creek and the Big Eau Pleine River. DO monitoring would also be completed on the Wisconsin River to verify that current Waste Load Allocations are protective of the river and flowages.


Mill Creek is on the 303 d list for low dissolved oxygen, but continuous DO data has not been collected since 2003. In the last five years Portage and Wood counties, the City of Marshfield and Friends of Mill Creek (Nonprofit citizen group) have been working together to address both urban and rural runoff in the watershed. Recent monitoring information could be used by these groups and the Department to evaluate if oxygen conditions have changed in recent years. The meter would also be used to collect DO data on the Big Eau Pleine and West Branch of Baraboo rivers which are other waterbodies listed for DO impairments. Monitoring will occur on these waterbodies as time allows. Monitoring in the Wisconsin River during 2005 drought conditions found low DO values below Lake Dubay, downstream to Petenwell Flowage. Low dissolved oxygen concentrations have historically been an issue on the Wisconsin River and in the 1980s, waste load allocations were devloped for several river segments. Additional monitoring needs to be completed to verify the waste load allocations are still protective of the river. Additional monitoring on the Wisconsin River would likely be completed in subsequent years as time allows. Meters previously used in Central Wisconsin (AQUA 2000)only collect dissolved oxygen and have malfuntioned the past few years. The vendor has not been reliable and is unable to repair the meters. A multiprobe YSI meter would allow for collection of multiple parameters.


If additional or other funding can be secured to purchase more meters, or some can be borrowed, multiple sites can be evaluated on Mill Creek in 2008. The meters will be used as time allows to evaluate other streams or rivers in 2008, or monitoring can be completed in subsequent years. At minimum, 6 sites will be evaluated on Mill Creek in either July or August during hot and dry conditions. Once collected, the data will be summarized and stored on a PC where it will be uploaded into SWIIMS.

Study Design

Mill Creek (1398600), Big Eau Pleine River (1427200) and Wisconsin River (1179900) WCR_04_09

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