Impaired Waters (303(d)) Monitoring of selected streams, Headwaters and Lake Superior Basins - NOR_05_09


This project will evaluate streams in the Headwaters Basin and Lake Superior Basins for inclusion on the states 303(d) list. Professional judgement and past monitoring indicate possible impairments. The streams included in this proposal are the Copper River (1494700), New Wood River (1497900), Devil Creek (1493800, Unnamed Creek 30 (1480500), Unnamed Creek 11-15 (1475100), Central Park Creek (2843700, Bluff Creek (2833200, 3 unnamed tributaries to Bluff Creek (2833500, 2833300, 2833900), Bear Creek (2834600) and an unamed tributary to Bear Creek (2834800). Fish, habitat, macroinvertebrates and chemistry sampleswill be collected using baseline monitoring protocols from up to three sites on each stream.


The objective of this project is to assess the quality of above mentioned streams to see if they should be designated impaired and listed on the states 303(d) list.


1) Samples sites (21 sites total for fish, habitat and bugs and 22 total sites for chemistry samples) Copper River - 3 sites New Wood Creek - 2 sites Devil Creek - 2 sites Unnamed Creek 30 -1 - 2 sites Unnamed Creek 11-15 - 1 site Central Park Creek - 2 sites (fish, habitat, bugs and chemistry) and 1 additional site for chemistry Bluff Creek - 1 sites 3 unnamed tribs to Bluff Creek - 1 site on each (total 3) Bear Creek - 2 sites Unnamed Creek to Bear Creek - 1 site 2) 2 sampling events for each site - Summer to collect fish and habitat and a fall/winter event for bugs and chemistry. In addition, Sonde units will be deployed on the Copper River, New Wood River, Devil Creek, Unnamed Creek 30-1 and Unnamed Creek 11-15 for 6 weeks during the summer. 3) Sample collection will be complete by mid winter 4) Data will be entered into database by spring 2009 (macroinvertebrate data will depend on Stevens Point lab) 5) Final report will be complete after macorinvertebrate samples are done. Report no later than end of August 2009.

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map of stations (Faxon Creek)
Station 3: Central Park Creek (Faxon Creek) just below 28th Street, Superior, WI
Station 1: Central Park Creek (Faxon Creek) at Central Park, Superior, WI
Station 2: Central Park Creek (Faxon Creek) upstream of 21st Street, Superior, WI
Central (Faxon) Litter Photo
Channelization below st 1