Proposed SCR Horicon Marsh


0861200, Upper Rock Watershed UR 12, East Branch Watershed UR 13 and Rock River Basin monitoring project The project will monitor flow(continuous), nutrients and suspended solids for federal fiscal year 2009 at 5 locations located throughout the Rock River Basin. Gauge installation work and maintenance will be done by USGS. Funding for that portion of the project will be handled by Rock River Coalition through a federal appropriations request. DNR funds will be used to pay the lab analyses costs. Sample collection will be done by DNR staff, US Fish and Wildlife staff and Rock River Coalition volunteers. Upper Rock station will monitor nutrient and sediment loading to Horicon Marsh from the Upper Rock Watershed. East Branch station will monitor load from East Branch watershed. Horicon station will monitor annual load out of Horicon Marsh. Ft. Atkinson Station will measure load from all other Upper Rock Watersheds. Final station will measure entire load from Rock River basin (Wisconsin) to Mississippi River. project is intended to go through 2011 if funding is available. Funding will be requested for following years.


In 1998-2000 a similar project was completed by USGS. Since that time, numerous water quality improvement projects have been installed in the Upper Rock Watershed. A comparison of this project information to the previous project information will show effectiveness of the point and non point projects. East Branch has had a minimal number of projects and will be a control. In addition, a TMDL is being developed for Rock River Basin. This project will help evaluate the accuracy of that TMDL. Rockton station will rpovide data as to Wisconsin contribution to Gulf of Mexico hypoxia problem.


Performance Measures: These are milestones that will be reported on in the Division Quarterly Report. Please estimate dates in a manner that encourages success. 1) Number of sample sites associated with the project. There will be 5 sample sites. 2) Number of sampling events associated with project. There will be an estimated 480 sample events. There will be fixed interval sampling and event sampling at each site. 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete. First year of the project will end Sept. 30 2009. 4) Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database. First year data will be entered as it is collected 5) Estimated date when final report will be complete. Final report will be completed in 2011

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