Identification and Validation of 303(d) Impaired Waters in the GPSP Basin [SCR_07_11]


Twin Grove Branch is on the state's list of impaired waters. It has not had data collected in many years. Little Richland Creek is not on the impaired waters list, but is referenced in the basin plan as a water which might be impaired. Richland Creek is an ERW which has suffered possible degradation over the past several years. A 2005 survey of the East Branch Richland Creek showed a lack of species diversity, including an NHI species which was previously found here. Qualitative habitat suggests more sediment than in the past. This project will look at fish, macroinvertebrates and water chemistry (where relevant) to determine these streams respective status to determine if they should be removed or added to the states impaired waters list.


Identification and validation of 303(d) and potential 303(d) waters in the Grant Platte Sugar Pecatonica Basin. This data will be used to update the status of, and verify, the listing or delisting of these waters.


Twin Grove Branch (currently listed) - 2 fish sites/1 bug East Branch Richland Creek (not listed) 2 fish sites/1bug Little Richland Creek (not listed) - 6 fish sites/2 bugs Richland Creek (not listed) - 7 fish sites/4 bugs + H20 chem Total Fish sites = 17 sites; Total Bug sites = 8 All data will be entered into the appropriate database. Final Report in WATERS.

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