Lower Pecatonica Watershed Evaluation [SCR_06_11]


Monitor contemporary status of streams within the Lower Pecatonica Watershed as well as evaluate the overall health of the watershed. The department lacks current fish and macroinvertebrate data for streams in this watershed; this data is necessary to determine whether these streams are achieving their attainable and designated use in order to update the watershed tables, list waters that are not meeting their designated uses, and assess the overall health of the watershed as required by Section 305(b) of the Clean Water Act. This project will use a combination of randomly selected and targeted sites on streams within the watershed for this purpose. The study will also provide background biological and chemical data for TMDL implementationon Silver Spring Creek - a stream on the 303(d) list within the watershed. Data collected will be entered into the FM database and SWIMS and a final report entered into WATERS.


Data for this project will be used to update the streams narratives in the State of the Basin report. It will be used to determine if streams need further monitoring to determine if they should be listed for 303(d) status and to update the state's 305(b) report to congress.


Fisheries assessments on 21 sites in the Lower Pecatonica Watershed, including 4 sites on Silver Spring Creek for TMDL implementation monitoring. 21 sites will be evaluated for macroinvertebrate assemblage. Data will be collected during the sampling season in 2010. Data will be entered into the FM database and SWIMS. Updated streams reports and watershed reports will be entered into WATERS.

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Targeted Monitoring
Watershed Project
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Contemporary status of streams within the Lower Pecatonica Watershed as well as the overall health of the watershed.
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Silver Spring Creek in the Lower Pecatonica Watershed
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Multiple waterbodies will be assessed.