Proposed NOR Upper Red Cedar River continuing 303d list monitoring assessment, 2063500


Jim Cahow St Croix Basin Biologist will conduct event sampling to assess nutrient and sediment contributions to the upper Red Cedar River. Diurnal dissolved oxygen monitoring will also be conducted during late July and early August to assess the degree and extent of these use impairments.


The Red Cedar River is one of the highest quality warmwater riverine fisheries in the state. Current observations support that the use potential may be threatend by dangerous nutrient and sediment additions which drive excessive plant and decomposition BOD to the point were D.O. and pHl surface water standards are violated. This project attempts to document the severity and frequency of these limiting factors which most threaten biotic integrity and to assess the upper Red Cedar River status on the 303d list. In addition these data may be used to guide potential future TMDL decision making process in NOR.


This study is a continuation of an approved 2007 special project which if approved will continue to collect runoff samples at 5 sites during 2-3 high snowmelt or runoff events through June 30th 2009. Two to three sites will be monitored for 2-3 weeks for diurnal D.O. patterns during late July and early August of 2008 using YSI 6000 & 600 XLM data sonds. Data will be entered into appropriate databases by the end of project fiscal budget calender. A status report will be completed by Feb 09. Status report will include an assessment of the Red Cedar Rivers 303d listing and include recommendations for continued monitoring and TMDL decision making for the Upper Redar Cedar River.

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