Kittleson Valley Creek (909700) Buffers Initiative Project SCR_03_09


Continue to gather background information for the Kittleson Valley Buffers project. This project will assess the benefits of implementing the recommendatios of the University of Wisconsin Buffers Initiative. This year, two portions of the survey will take place. One will be to assess a major tributary (Lee Creek - 908700) to determine their biotic status. The other will be to conduct a survey of channel cross sections on Kittleson Valley Creek (909700) to gather pre-initiative data so that a) changes in channel morphology can be tracked over time and b) determine if the source of sediment loads are from land or the stream banks and bed itself.


NR 151 has been re-opened for reconsideration of implementing a madatory buffer requirement for farms along state waters. This project will track changes in channel mophology to determine whether or not buffers can effectively improve water quality.


Sample 2 sites on Lee Creek (908700) for fish IBI and macroinvertebrates. Contract with USGS to sample cross sections at 6 sites on Kittleson Valley Creek Sample collection will be completed by July, 2009. Fish IBI data will be entered into the FH database by December, 2008. Macroinvertebrate data will be entered as soon as available. USGS data will be entered into WATERS as soon as available, but no later than December, 2009.

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