Upper Fox Basin TMDL Monitoring NER05_09


NER biologists and CO SWAT will collect water samples from the Fox R., Puchyan R., Fond du Lac R., Montello R., Waukau Cr., L. Poygan, L. Winneconne, L. Butte des Morts, and L. Winnebago to be analyzed for TSS, Total Phosphorus, and Dissolved Phosphorus that will be used in modeling the sediment and phosphorus loads to L. Winnebago. Results of the modeling will be used in developing a TMDL for L. Winnebago to drive management practices in the Upper Fox River Basin.


The development of a TMDL to address the nutrient and sediment loading to L. Winnebago is necessary because 50% of the nutrient and sediment load in the Lower Fox R. is directly from L. Winnebago. In order for the Lower Fox TMDL (currently in development) to meet its goals, reducing the pollutant load from L. Winnebago is critical. The objective of this project is to address phosphorus and sediment loading from the Upper Fox Basin to L. Winnebago, and therfore support the work of the Lower Fox TMDL. This will be the first of 3 years of data needed to accurately model the sediment and phosphorus loading to L. Winnebago.


There are 11 sample sites total between the 9 waterbodies that will be sampled at varying sampling schedules: On the Fond du Lac, Montello, and Puchyan, bi-weekly samples will be collected from March to November, and monthly from December to February. On the Fox and Puchyan, weekly samples will be collected from March 1 to June 30, and bi-weekly July 1 to February 28. On lakes Poygan, Butte des Morts, and Winneconne, samples will be collected at 1 site on each lake bi-weekly from May 1 to Sept 30, and 1 time beneath the ice in February. On Lake Winnebago, samples will be collected at 3 sites bi-weekly from March 1 to Sept. 30, and 1 time beneath the ice in February. Event samples will be collected by automated samplers installed on the Montello R. and Fond du Lac R. This project estimates that 20 event samples will be collected each year at each site.

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