Upper North Fork Trade River Watershed TWA 2020


The Upper Trade River watershed HUC 12 is an agricultural watershed in central Burnett County. There is very little biological, physical and chemical data available to describe the current state of streams and rivers in the watershed. We propose to use standard WDNR procedures to gather biological information (fish surveys and macro invertebrate sampling) quantify habitat, and monitor water quality of the streams in this HUC 12


The project objective is to characterize the streams in the headwater HUC 12 of the North Fork of the Trade River Watershed.


Water samples will be collected at three sites in the watershed and analyzed for nutrients, total suspended solids and chloride. Approximately 17 Fish surveys will be conducted and 8 macro invertebrate samples will be collected. Data will be entered into SWIMS or the FHDB by Joe Cunningham, SLOH, and ABL staff.

Study Design

Three stream sites will be monitored for water quality. Water samples will be collected monthly May-October. Two sites on the North Fork of the Trade River and a tributary stream will be selected. Fish Surveys will be conducted on as many waterways as possible with adequate flow characteristics at road crossings using standard WDNR Survey Methods. 8 macroinvetrbrate samples will be collected. Sites TBD, as there are every few sites in the watershed that have existing SWIMS or FHDB stations.

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