*Year 2020 TWA Water Quality Plans and Reports in Publication


The Targeted Watershed Assessment plans and reports listed below are available for public comment Spring 2020. These documents have been prepared by Water Quality Biologists and program staff and present technical findings from detailed studies of watersheds from around the state. [About Wisconsin Year 2020 TWA Water Quality Plans and Reports ]

While each study is unique, the core work conducted in each one includes surveys of fisheries, habitat, water chemistry, aquatic macroinvertebrate species. The timeframe for monitoring conducted in these studies varies, with a few areas monitored in 2015-16 and others with more recent monitoring.

To learn more about Targeted Watershed Assessment Monitoring, see DNR's TWA Monitoring Webpage..

The location of TWA projects is available state's Water Condition Viewer, or as a printable map. .

DNR Water Projects online has a list of TWA Monitoring Projects statewide.


The objective of the Targeted Watershed Assessment monitoring study design is at its core a comprehensive snapshot of physical, chemical, and biological aquatic condition in the studied area. Effectiveness project studies evaluated the success of best management practices implemented in the 1990s, while protection studies identify the overall condition of some of state's most pristine waters and provide recommendations for future actions to maintain these likely healthy watersheds.

Evaluation studies are conducted to understand the potential for site specific surface water effluent permit limits or other WPDES related work, and overall general assessments provide comprehensive snapshots of water condition for DNR and partners to apply for grants or initiate other types of restoration, protection or implementation work in the watershed.


Water quality biologists and water resources field supervisors provide detailed analyses, monitoring recommendations, and management recommendations based on the data analyzed and statewide standards. The report summaries and recommendations reflect years of professional management experience,peer-to-peer collaboration and data analysis best practices,and critical connections with local, state, and federal implementation opportunities. Restoration and protection work may include TMDL implementation plans, County Land and Water plan implementation, and Nine Key Element Plans management design, and recommendations for funding under the state's Surface Water Grants Program,including lakes, rivers, aquatic invasive species, and runoff management project funding opportunities.

Find specific recommendations by county, watershed or water in the printable TWA reports, in online summaries, and in the state's Explore Your Waters online application, where updated work is presented by water detail pages and watershed search and read detail pages, lists of recommendations and updated projects available for viewing. Learn more at Explore Your Waters.

Study Design

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Reports and Documents
Assessments and recommendations for the Watershed. Sinsinawa River Targeted Watershed Assessment: A Water Quality Report to Restore Wisconsin Watersheds, 2018
Pigeon River Targeted Watershed Assessment: A Plan to Restore Wisconsin Watersheds (2020) Public Review Draft
South Fish Creek Targeted Watershed Assessment: A Water Quality Plan to Protect Wisconsin Watersheds (2020) Public Review Draft
Pokegama River TWA A Water Quality Plan to Protect Wisconsin Watersheds (2020) Public Review Draft
Black River Targeted Watershed Assessment
Hay Creek, Barrett River, Crex Meadows TWA Draft (2020) (update egad number on document)
Assessments and recommendations for the Watershed. Legler School Branch and Pioneer Valley Branch monitoring report
TWA Report for the Lake Weyauwega subwatershed of the Waupaca Tomorrow River Watershed.
Koshkonong Creek Targeted Watershed Assessment: A Water Quality Plan to Protect Wisconsin Watersheds, 2020. Monitored in 2015/16. EGAD #3200-2020-05
Bear and Bluff Creeks Watershed Assessment: A Water Quality Plan to Restore Wisconsin Watersheds
Pokegama River Boat Launch
A final TWA/WQ Monitoring Report of the 2017 assessment of the Beaver Creek Watershed in Columbia and Dodge counties. Encompasses HUC 12 (070900010903).
Activities & Recommendations
Water Quality Planning
Public Review of TWA WQM Plans in 2020.